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  • "Excellent Training, learnt lots of
    tips and obviously new skills
    to enhance practice!"

    - T. S.
  • “I really enjoyed the training day with Dr B, she is an excellent Tutor and to have bespoke training just for me was fab"
    - Julieann Gray

About us

It's not often you find a 'Surgeon to the Stars' in a small town like Loughborough...Hannah Patterson interviews Dr Tahera Bhojani and finds out how she came to be treating ordinary people with her extra-ordinary talents:

FIVE FAST QUESTIONS by TV Presenter, Hannah Patterson

H: Can I call you Dr B?

Dr B: Of course - Dr B or Dr Bo is how I'm usually known! Does that mean you've only got 4 questions left!!

H: No! That doesn't count! So you are a medical doctor, with a degree in medicine and surgery, you are a laser eye surgeon, you have worked as a Medical Advisor to Allergan, makers of Botox, you run a Medical Skin Clinic and Medex International Training School for Doctors and you have time to do normal things like eat and sleep?

Dr B: I have a fantastic team who take the strain so all I have to do is show up, do my job and take the credit! But it's the girls behind the scenes, Amy, Lee, Ace, Sophe and Kate who are the ones that do all the real work!

H: What do you enjoy the most - eye surgery, treating cosmetic patients or teaching?

Dr B: Oh that's a really hard question. I love all my jobs, partly because I don't do the same thing every day so I am always fresh. I do love making patients happy. There's nothing more satisfying than treating a patient with some filler and then seeing them smile when they look at the results in the mirror!

H: What is your proudest moment/greatest achievement?

Dr B: I was the first female British Graduate to train and work as a LASIK surgeon in the UK. I am quite proud of that - making it in a man's world back in the day!

H: What's the hardest thing you've done in your professional career?

Dr B: Working 180 hours a week for a year as a junior doctor. It was inhumane! The only good thing was that even though my hourly rate was less than a hospital porter, I worked so many hours and all I did was sleep when I was not working,so I ended up saving almost a years wages 'cos I didn't have time to spend anything!

H: So I have heard you have a wee black book of celebrity patients, so spill the beans - which celebs have you treated - I have to know!

Dr B: I can't tell you that - you know its confidential.

H: Just one name or even just a clue? Someone on TV I might have heard of?

Dr B: Well...I have treated at least one Saturday night TV judge...but the name will have to be kept 'strictly' quiet!!

H: OMG, who who..?

Dr B: You've run out of questions Hannah!

Dr Tahera Bhojani-Lynch practices at The Laser and Light Clinic in Loughborough with her all female team. She has been featured on TV, in magazines, including 'At Home with Coleen Nolan' and on the Radio. She is an internationally recognised Consultant in both the field of Laser Eye Surgery and in Cosmetic Medicine.